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Rules/How To Play

Quick Shot 48 can be played several different ways.  We encourage you to come up with your own variations on our suggested rules and play the game that best suits your skill level.  We would love to hear from you!  Tell us about the new and fun ways you have come up with to play QuickShot 48 with your friends. 

QuickShot 48 Rules:

This Game will test multiple areas of firearm skill.

  • Identification / location
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Pressure to compete on a 1 on 1 basis



What You Need:

  • 2 Players (1 on 1)
  • 2 Range Lanes
  • 2 Targets

Object of Game:

Simultaneously, each Player must quickly locate the proper cell number on their own target and hit that cell before his/her opponent does the same on their own target.

Game Requires and Improves your – Identification, Speed and Accuracy!

How to Play:

Tear off the perforated number stubs (1 – 48) from bottom of the Target Sheet.

Mix numbers in some kind of container (hat, bag, etc.).  Each round begins when a number is pulled from the “bag” and called out.

A round is over when a player hits the proper cell and calls out the hit.  That player is awarded the point amount of that cell.  Write that point total down in the proper column for the proper player on the score sheet.  If no player has hit the proper cell after (3) shots the round ends in a draw and both players receive 0 points for that round of play.  Just like Baseball – 3 Strikes and you're out.

Follow the same procedure through 9 rounds of play.  At the end of 9 rounds of play – Total up the points and high point total wins game.



What You Need:

  • 2-4 Players
  • 2-4 Range Lane
  • 2-4 Targets

Object of Game:

Individually, each Player takes 3 shots each on 6 predetermined numbers on their own target.

Game Requires and Improves your – Accuracy!

How to Play:

Pre-Select 6 Numbers and write those numbers down on the score sheet under the “Number” column.  Each Player will be shooting at those selected numbers.

1 Player will fire at a time – Taking 3 Shots at each of the 6 numbers on their own target.

Scoring as Follows:

  • 1st. Correct Hit – 10 Points
  • 2nd. Correct Hit – 5 Points
  • 3rd. Correct Hit – 5 Points

Each round of play has a maximum of 20 points available.  After each round – write all the players points in the “Score” column.  Continue through 6 rounds of play and add the points per player in the “Total” column at the bottom of the score sheet.

After all Players have completed their 6 rounds of play and all points have been totaled…high score wins!